Audio and Video Transcription Services

Document Services

My document services include the checking, formatting and proofreading of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.

Document services are charged on a per-hour basis. Specialised software is used to time the task and the time sheet is sent to you along with the invoice. My current clients include academics, solo professionals and general business and private persons across many sectors.


Checking and Formatting Documents

My experience includes the checking, formatting and proofreading of academic assignments, theses, academic articles, training manuals, technical instruction manuals, work books, handouts, reports, as well as training and lecture presentations . The following services are provided:

  • Checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and making editorial suggestions. I make use of Microsoft Word's "track changes" function that allows the author to accept or reject any suggested changes.
  • Formatting documents for consistency with respect to heading and paragraph styles, legal and standard numbering, bibliography and reference lists, as well as setting up reference pages for the table of contents and table of figures.