How long will it take to transcribe my audio files?

This is one of those “frequently asked questions”. The short answer is “longer than you may think”. The long answer is …


The general rule in the transcription industry suggests that the transcription of  audio recordings can take anywhere between four to six working hours. The reason for the variance is that four hours applies to the transcription of dictation, whereas the six hours applies more to the transcription of focus groups or other multi-voice settings such as disciplinary hearings.


The stated turnaround time will increase, however, if the audio quality is poor. For particularly challenging audio files, the turnaround time for the transcription of one hour of recorded meeting audio can increase by up two hours, i.e. a total of eight hours to transcribe one hour of audio. Charge rates are then adjusted to compensate for the additional time required to complete transcription of the challenging audio file.


PS. I don’t charge for the additional cups of coffee.


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