Podcast Transcription

I have read a number of articles with regard to the transcription of podcasts and how this might be helpful with website SEO. It stands to reason that if the bot is looking for keyword density and oodles of text, it is going to be beneficial for you (the blogger or website owner) to have the podcast transcribed to text and then to post the transcript on your website.


Your site visitors could even download copies of the transcript if they so require (and if you deem this permissible).



Audio podcasts are most often saved in .mp3 format which (although a compressed audio format) delivers a good quality of audio for the purposes of recording a single voice. The .mp3 audio file format is compatible with my transcription software, as is the .wav file format. It is a recommended practice to first record your podcast in .wav format and once you have edited and tweaked the sound file, you then save it as in .mp3 format before uploading it to your website. You could therefore send either the .wav file or the .mp3 file to Etranscript for transcription. Our software is compatible with many audio and video file formats, a list of these is posted on our website.


Once I receive your audio file, I will transcribe it for you and return a transcript to you in Microsoft Word format. You will then be able to quality assure the transcript and add any finishing touches. It’s as easy as that!