Achieving an optimal recording for your disciplinary enquiry

The tips listed below are provided in addition to the pointers contained on the Tips for Recording Disciplinary Procedures page.

  • Where possible choose a location where your recording will pick up the least amount of noise from factories, traffic, people, telephones, etc. If necessary, close doors, windows and switch off fans to minimise noise interference.
  • Set your recording device to record an uncompressed file format such as “.wav” (Windows) or “.aiff” (Mac).
  • If you are making use of a battery powered device, ensure that battery life will allow for optimal recording for the required length of time.
  • Ensure that your recording device is not set to “voice activation” mode.
  • Make use of a multi-directional microphone or a device that allows for the connection of multiple microphones.
  • Request each participant in a group session to identify him or herself by slowly and clearly stating their name and their role in the proceedings. This will assist the transcriber in accurately attributing the input to the appropriate speaker.
  • Remind participants to return to the same seating arrangement after breaks.



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