Dictation Transcription

The Process

My dictation transcription service offering includes the transcription of medical, medico-legal and general dictation of reports, correspondence or file notes. Once your specific requirements with regard to templates and styles have been established, transcription of your dictation will begin.


Record Dictation

Record your dictation while being mindful of the quality of the audio. A few suggestions on how best to achieve an optimum dictation recording are listed the Tips for Recording Dictation page.

Send Dictation to Etranscript

After receiving your confidentiality undertaking from me and once you have completed recording your dictation, send your audio files to Etranscript for transcription. This can be done in a number of ways.

Email is probably the most convenient and provides sufficient security for the sending of dictation files.


In the case of legal or medical files, you may require added security features to protect data. In such cases, making use of Express Dictate to record and/or manage your dictation flow and security is an excellent solution.


Using Dropbox’s file encrypted transfer also provides an appropriate level of security. Etranscript can send you a “Dropbox File Request” to facilitate the transfer of your dictation files. It is a simple, one-click process.


Alternatively, you can use a cloud service that is most convenient for you. Another option is the use of an FTP or HTTPS encrypted file transfer facility of your own.

Transcription of Your Dictation Files

Your dictation will be transcribed to a Microsoft Word document. If so required, your MS Word template will be utilised.

To facilitate accuracy and pace of transcription, dictate in a quiet environment, if possible, or increase your voice projection in noisy environments.

Completed Document is Sent to You

The typed document is then checked – this involves replaying the audio and checking for errors. Once the checking process is complete, the typed document will be emailed to you or transferred to you using Dropbox encrypted file transfer.

Turnaround Time

I strive to complete the transcription of dictation within 24 to 48 hours. Obviously this turnaround time will be dependent on the total number of dictation minutes received for transcription.

Data Privacy

The level of security required will depend on an individual client’s needs. Using Express Dictate’s “.dct” file format adds an additional layer of encryption to your dictation recording. Your encrypted dictation recordings are then dispatched to Etranscript using the Express Dictate software.

Alternatively, “.dss” dictation files can be sent via Dropbox which allows for an encrypted file transfer. And lastly, dictation files can also be sent to Etranscript via email.

Keyboard and earphones on desk with paper
Desk with earphones, keyboard, paper and workbook used in transcription process