Rates and Payment

Transcription Service Charges

When quoting for transcription, I quote per recorded minute of audio, i.e. an interview recording that is 55 minutes in duration will be quoted as 55 X rate; thus providing an upfront indication of the total cost for the transcription of your files.


Please contact me for a quotation.


Document Service Charges

Document services are charge on a per worked hour basis. Specialised software is used to time the task and a copy of this time sheet will be sent to you along with the invoice. An quotation will be sent to you so that you have an idea upfront of how much the task will cost you.


Please contact me for a quotation.


Payment Arrangements

  • Payment for ongoing work. i.e. work that is received from clients on a regular, ongoing basis will be invoiced on the 25th day of each month.


  • Payment for once-off, smaller tasks or projects – invoices are sent to the client on completion of the task.


Making payments

Payment is due on presentation of the invoice and can be made via EFT (South Africa) or telegraphic transfer (international). Banking details will be provided on the invoice.

Payment for Transcription Services
Paying for Transcription Services