Dictation Transcription

Etranscript’s service offering includes the transcription of medical, medico-legal and general dictation of reports, correspondence or file notes. Once your specific requirements with regard to templates and styles have been established, transcription of your dictation will begin.

Interview Transcription

With over 12 years of experience transcribing one-on-one interviews for researchers and academia, Etranscript understands the technical importance of your transcript and the value of its content. While working according to your requirements, Etranscript will ensure a transcript that is best suited to your analytic and methodological objectives.

Disciplinary Procedure Transcription

Transcripts compiled from recordings of disciplinary hearings – from either company or CCMA level recordings – are documents specifically formatted to function as evidentiary material through the relevant stages of the disciplinary process. Verification of transcripts by the transcriptionist for Labour Court processes can also be arranged.

Lecture and Speech Transcription

Whether it is a business training session or presentation; or an academic lecture that you require to be transcribed, Etranscript can assist you.

Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcription can be performed with or without voice-name attribution. Etranscript’s experience includes both academic and market research focus group transcription.

Document Services

Etranscript’s document services include the checking, formatting and proofreading of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.

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Some Additional Information


Which digital file format should I use for my recording?

The most appropriate file format to use for the recording of dictation is very different to the file format that is used to record a disciplinary hearing. The best possible audio quality is required and the choice of file format is the primary consideration to achieve this outcome.

What languages do you transcribe?

I am a first-language English speaker and transcribe only English language recordings. Audio files that contain a little Afrikaans can also be transcribed but not academic-level Afrikaans or full Afrikaans-language recordings.

How will I get the recordings to you?

A number of methods are available to send your digital audio files to Etranscript. These include email; an encrypted file transfer such as Dropbox; or an FTP facility. The level of security required and the size of the file will determine the best choice for your files. Dropbox allows for files up to 20Gb is size to be transferred. Audio and video files are usually much smaller than this.